Our favorite bowling moments of 2015

It’s been quite a year! Take a quick trip down memory lane with us to remember some of the greatest moments of 2015…

Like signing Belmo, O’Neill & Fagan to the team in January… Becoming the official technology partner of the PBA… Expanding our center footprint around the US… Kicking butt at Bowl Expo… Sponsoring JBT, EYT and other junior bowling events… Moving into a new office in Downtown Las Vegas… Bringing on Junior Ambassadors Wesley Low, Greg Young, and Kamron Doyle… Founder Rich Belsky got awarded first sanctioned 300 game during league… We announced a cross-marketing partnership with STORM… Piloting in 10 AMF & Brunswick Zone centers around US… Belmo went to Japan to fight for bowling in the Olympics… Launched Action Bowling… Acquired Virtual Tournaments and exclusive license to League Secretary… and last but not least, we sponsored the PBA Rolltech World Championship in Reno!

Happy New Year Rolltech Family! Catch ya in 2016.

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