Virtual Tournaments, meet Action Bowling


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY! is now part of Rolltech, which means all of its users can use their league scores to compete in daily and weekly contests for real cash on Action Bowling. If you had an account with Virtual Tournaments and your league uploads to League Secretary, it’s time to compete!

We’re excited to join forces with VT. It expands our footprint even further and opens Action Bowling up to more league bowlers throughout the US. Bowlers can win as much in one contest as you can all season long with Rolltech Action Bowling — all from their smartphone. Download Rolltech from the App Store or Google Play, and add Action Bowling to your account in app. Verify your ID, enter your credit card information and deposit funds in 3 easy steps.



Our VT announcement is the start of an epic week here at Rolltech. We’re the title sponsor of this year’s PBA World Championship in Reno, Nevada. Catch the Rolltech PBA World Championship event live on ESPN this Thursday, December 17 at 4 p.m. PST/7 p.m. EST.

Our team will be on site for most of this week’s events leading up to the finale on Thursday. Create a calendar reminder, set your DVRs, write it down on a post-it… you won’t want to miss it!


Congrats to Tackett, Ciminelli, Faulkner Jr., Norton and Page who earned seats at the Rolltech PBA World Championship finals on Thursday!




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