Say Hello to our Newest Partner: STORM!

Hey Rolltech bowlers! We wanted to let you know about an exciting new partnership we just announced with Storm. As one of the world’s leading provider of bowling products, we know this will make your bowling experience with us even better… take a peak at our press release below to get the full scoop! #RolltechRules

Rolltech Logo                storm_logo[outline]

Rolltech and Storm Create Co-Marketing Partnership To Enhance Brand Visibility

LAS VEGAS — Rolltech, the app-based global bowling competition and analytics platform, has announced a co-marketing partnership with Storm Products, Inc., one of the world’s leading providers of top-quality bowling products including balls, shoes, apparel, bags and accessories. The relationship provides strategic visibility for both brands throughout the bowling community.

“We are excited about our partnership with Rolltech. We think they are doing great things for the marketplace and love the idea that we could be the first bowling ball manufacturer with the potential for reaching a new generation of bowlers,” said Gary Hulsenberg, Director of Marketing for Storm Products.

The Storm logo will appear on the active game screen in the Rolltech app on both iOS and Android devices, on Rolltech’s website homepage and in a 30-second commercial featuring Rolltech-affiliated professional bowlers Jason Belmonte, Mike Fagan and Bill O’Neill. In addition, Storm products are now included as redemption prizes in the app that bowlers at Rolltech Auto Score Centers can earn by accruing points for their performance on the lanes.

Rolltech also gains important exposure through featured positions on Storm’s social media platforms and website. “Associations with premier brands like Storm that share our commitment to providing a unique experience for bowlers around the world reflects our commitment to transforming the sport, not only for legacy players but for a new generation,” said Rolltech CEO Rich Belsky.

Rolltech creates connections between bowlers, enabling them to track their games and lifetime stats, analyze their performance, earn performance points and redemptions, and challenge and compete with others worldwide, including Rolltech-affiliated professionals

Rolltech auto-enabled centers have access to a powerful analytics platform and real-time communication tools through the system’s Center Strike Portal. Bowlers can earn points redeemable for prizes in the center that are tracked and reconciled through its POS system. Center operators can view patronage data, send customizable messages, add leagues and tournaments, and view leaderboards and live in-center action.

Rolltech is available for download on the App Store or Google Play. For more information, visit 

About Rolltech

Headquartered in Downtown Las Vegas, Rolltech is a global competition platform that allows bowlers to track their scores and stats in real-time and foster connection with bowlers around the world. With active users in more than 3,500 bowling centers and 40 countries, Rolltech’s mission is to change the way the world plays, watches, and interacts with the sport of bowling. An exclusive technology partner of the PBA, Rolltech is currently auto-enabled in centers throughout the US. Rolltech auto-enabled centers have access to a powerful analytics platform and real-time communication tools for their bowlers, facilitating a lasting connection between bowler and center. Visit for more information.

About Storm Products, Inc.

High Score Products was originally founded in 1985 by Bill Chrisman to market a new product he had developed. High Score Products remained a one product company until 1991, when availability of capital and time coincided with the opportunity to manufacture bowling balls. The first balls were produced and the process of an appropriate trade name for a HSP bowling ball began. In the summer of 1994 the company name was changed to Storm Products, Inc. Today, Storm Bowling Balls can be found in the hands of many prominent professional and amateur bowlers alike. Storm Products, Inc. has full time representation on the men’s and women’s Professional Bowling Tours. The Storm name still continues to grow throughout the world. 

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