Rolltech Roundup: New Digs, Sweepstakes & Baby Belmo

Our team moved into an awesome new office this week! We’ve been working from a co-working space in downtown Las Vegas since the company was founded in 2011. Needless to say, it was a proud day when we officially got the keys to our own digs.

     image1 (5)

Rolltech is running a sweepstakes promotion that starts TODAY! Open to bowlers throughout the US, we are giving away lots of awesome prizes over the next 30 days. You can enter every day for a chance to win. Click on the image below to play!

sweeps_screen03 (1)

Rolltech Pro Jason Belmonte made an exciting announcement this week! He and his lovely wife Kimberly are expecting Baby Belmo #3 in 2016! He posted an insanely cute announcement about it on his Facebook page. Congratulations to Jason and his growing family!

baby belmo

A few Rolltech team members are in Reno for the NorCal All Star Weekend at the National Bowling Stadium. We’ll do a separate post about the event next week, but here’s an awesome sneak peak pic of Director of Operations Joe Hulbert (aka “Director Joe”) throwing rocks down a lane all by his lonesome…


Here’s to a great weekend! And remember, bowl like no one is watching. Cheers!

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