Bowl Against the Pros Round 2: YOU MISSED IT!

batp no clickHey friends! We just finished our second round of Bowl Against the Pros yesterday evening with Jason Belmonte. All of the Rolltech Pros participated in personally challenging their followers at some point this week — Mike Fagan sent his challenge while practicing for The Proprietor’s Cup from the ITRC in Arlington, Texas, O’Neill from his hometown of Pennsylvania, and of course Belmo from OZ! It’s a beautiful thing to watch all of you bowl your best to complete these challenges.

Fun fact: In some cases — actually, approximately 25% of the time — you even BEAT the pros! Those were the stats after round 1. Let’s see if those figures increase after you’ve had a couple rounds of practice. 🙂

Another fun fact: Rolltech’s own CEO and founder, Rich Belsky, bowled his very first 300 sanctioned game against the pros this past Tuesday during league! I know, it sounds too good to be true, but we swear it was legit and there was no scandalous activity involved. Lots of high fives, though. Here’s the video to prove it:

We hope you bowlers are enjoying the Pro challenges! Follow us and our pros on social media for updates on new challenges. Remember, you need to be following each of them in the Rolltech app in order to be eligible for a personal challenge! Round 3 coming soon.

Happy Weekend All!

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