Thank you for being awesome.


We’d like to give a special shout out to all of our Rolltech members who participated in Bowl Against the Pros over the last couple days. YOU ROCK! We’ve received an overwhelming response since Sunday, and hope all you bowlers out there are having as much fun as we are. Belmo, Fagan and O’Neill will be sending out challenges today and tomorrow at some point during their Summer Swing tournament games. Look out for pending challenges under the “Me” tab in your Rolltech app!


Speaking of Summer Swing, we hope you’re keeping up with all the pros on PBA’s Xtra Frame! You can watch all of the qualifying and match play rounds live online. We’ve been blasting it all day in our office. Great bowling always gets our blood pumping.

keep calm and bowl on 2

Finally, we think these are words to live by, particularly when you’re trying to bowl your face off against Belmo’s 255 or Billy’s 279. Good luck on the lanes!

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