Bowl Against the Pros starts tomorrow! We here at Rolltech sincerely look forward to the epic battles that are about to ensue. We wish you well.


1. Make sure push notifications are turned on for Rolltech on your device. This is how you will be notified when the pros have challenged you. Make sure to follow Jason, Mike, and Bill on Rolltech or you wont receive the challenge!  The notifications will come just seconds after the pros begin their challenge game. Real-time, baby.

2. Load the Rolltech app. If you’re not already, go to the “Bowl” tab by tapping on the ball icon at the bottom of the screen. Select your center and enter your lane information. Then tap “Select a Challenge”

image1 (7)

3. Tap “View Incoming Challenges”. Your #bowlthepros challenge will be waiting for you. Fulfill all your challenges at once or one at a time. Tap “Accept”


4. Tap “Start Game”. Record your game. If you are not in a Rolltech auto-enabled center, just tap or swipe the pins or use the “Strike” or “Spare” buttons. Tap Next when the frame is finished. If you have to edit a frame, tap on that frame to change your frame. Please note, excessive editing can cause scoring malfunctions.

IMG_3713   IMG_3714

5. When the game is over, a game card will appear. Press “Done Bowling” if you’re finished, or “Roll Again” if adding games to your series.


6. You will receive a notification when your challenge is complete. Check for completed challenges by tapping “Challenges” from the “Me” tab. Share your victories (and defeats) on Facebook or Twitter by tapping the icon at the top right of the screen.

IMG_3712  IMG_3637

That’s it! If you’re a Rolltech Pro member, you can challenge as many people as you want, along with free games and a ton of other great benefits. For more info:

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