The world is ready to Bowl Against the Pros.

Big Friday here at Rolltech HQ. We sent out our first official press release on the wire early this morning! We are preparing to launch some really cool features over the next few months, and we decided it was time to release the first one to the world. Our first feature release: BOWL AGAINST THE PROS. Take a look at this awesome video that Jason Belmonte posted on his Facebook page about our new feature. Full Bowl Against the Pros press release is in line below! Happy Friday! 🙂

LAS VEGAS, May 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Rolltech Inc., an advanced bowling technology firm that brings new levels of insight and connection to the sport, will make sports history with the release of their latest feature, Bowl Against the Pros. This feature, available on the web and through their app, allows pros and fans to battle each other in real-time from anywhere in the world.

This type of head-to-head competition has never been done before. When challenged, bowling fans will have the opportunity to interact with their favorite pro in real-time as the pro competes in a major tournament. Rolltech sponsors professional bowlers Jason Belmonte,Mike Fagan, and Bill O’Neill, all of whom will be actively participating in these challenges during the 2015 PBA Summer Swing at FireLake Bowling Center in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

“When Rolltech told me about Bowl Against the Pros, I immediately loved it. I have such a great and interactive fan base, and I’m always thinking about how to connect more closely with my fans. Without actually bowling on the same lanes as them, this is as close as anyone can get to bowling against me,” said Jason “Belmo” Belmonte.

From Sunday, May 10, through Wednesday, May 13, the Rolltech Pros will challenge followers during one of their tournament games each day. Fans will then receive a push notification on their mobile device with a prompt to accept the pro challenge if they want to compete. For more information on Bowl Against the Pros, visit

About Rolltech
Headquartered in Downtown Las Vegas, Rolltech is a global competition platform that allows bowlers to track their scores and stats in real-time and foster connection with bowlers around the world. With active users in more than 3,500 bowling centers and 40 countries, Rolltech’s mission is to change the way the world plays, watches, and interacts with the sport of bowling. An exclusive technology partner of the PBA, Rolltech is currently auto-enabled in centers throughout the US. Rolltech auto centers have access to a powerful analytics platform and real-time communication tools for their bowlers, facilitating a lasting connection between bowler and center. For more information, please visit

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