Belmonte Making History, Aussie Style

Last week, Australian bowling superstar and Team Rolltech Pro Jason Belmonte made history. While also making the Players’ Championship TV shows in singles and doubles (his doubles partner being fellow Rolltech team pro Bill O’Neill), Belmo became only the 6th player in PBA History to win back-to-back PBA Player of the Year awards. What an incredible week that must have been.

Well that was last week.

On fire in qualifying this week (while also recording every one of his games on Rolltech and posting to Twitter – the three below were in his last match today),

slack_for_ios_upload_720-1 slack_for_ios_upload_720-2 slack_for_ios_upload_720,

Jason just finished in the #2 spot (missing #1 by one pin in a 3-game series) heading into the finals of the USBC Masters. This means he will have the chance, for the first time in history, to 3-peat as Masters champion. Three years in a row at one of the most prestigious events in the sport. Would that thrust Belmo into the conversation for best ever? Answer our poll – should be a lively debate.

The always focused and positive Belmonte posted on Facebook, “Had my opportunity for the number 1 seed and didn’t get it down the lane where I wanted it. Lost by one but that’s ok! I’m still ecstatic for my performance this week and I still have a chance to do what no one else has done and win 3 Masters in a row!! Time to prepare for the show!”

Best of luck Jason. Go make history…Again. The Live ESPN telecast starts at 1pm EST.

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