Team Rolltech Grows

The fact that we have team pros is insane. It was a dream to see our logo on TV when I started Rolltech three years ago. Now we have two PBA super stars on our squad with more on the way. The caliber of our pros represents what we’re trying to do in this industry. We wanted to start with a consummate, successful pro whose passion and intensity for bowling matched ours. Nobody embodies that better than Bill O’Neill. Bill has won 5 PBA titles and one major.  Plus he’s from Philly so really it was a no-brainer. We started sponsoring Bill in 2013 –and he promptly shipped two televised championships, Rolltech logo shining bright. Check out the video below and visit Bill here.

Just a few weeks ago, Rolltech signed its second Team Pro, Mike Fagan. After meeting at this year’s World Series of Bowling a similarity of mindset and vision were immediately apparent. Mike is a 4-Time PBA Titleist and Team USA member. Beyond that, he has used his successes on the lanes and fearless attitude to earn a seat on the USBC Board of Directors where he is a strident voice for innovation and advancement in the industry. We are proud and excited to work with Mike; who has also rolled his way into the finals of the PBA World Championship, happening January 11, 2015 at South Point Bowling Plaza. Check out Mike here and on Twitter. Mike had this to say about us:

“I am very excited for the opportunity to be part of the Rolltech team. I believe Rolltech has the vision and know-how to transform how the sport of bowling is perceived. The sport is in need of technological kick and Rolltech is throwing roundhouses.”

Thanks Mike. Hi-freakin’-yahhhh!


We have a ton of activity happening at Rolltech and I’ll be sharing most of it here first. So stop back often, leave comments, and make sure to check out our video below.

3 thoughts on “Team Rolltech Grows

  1. Jaclyn Costello at December 15, 2014 / 11:21 pm

    So cool!! I love the commercial/informational video… and your company seems so down to earth 🙂


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