Our favorite bowling moments of 2015

It’s been quite a year! Take a quick trip down memory lane with us to remember some of the greatest moments of 2015…

Like signing Belmo, O’Neill & Fagan to the team in January… Becoming the official technology partner of the PBA… Expanding our center footprint around the US… Kicking butt at Bowl Expo… Sponsoring JBT, EYT and other junior bowling events… Moving into a new office in Downtown Las Vegas… Bringing on Junior Ambassadors Wesley Low, Greg Young, and Kamron Doyle… Founder Rich Belsky got awarded first sanctioned 300 game during league… We announced a cross-marketing partnership with STORM… Piloting in 10 AMF & Brunswick Zone centers around US… Belmo went to Japan to fight for bowling in the Olympics… Launched Action Bowling… Acquired Virtual Tournaments and exclusive license to League Secretary… and last but not least, we sponsored the PBA Rolltech World Championship in Reno!

Happy New Year Rolltech Family! Catch ya in 2016.

Virtual Tournaments, meet Action Bowling


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY! VirtualTournaments.com is now part of Rolltech, which means all of its users can use their league scores to compete in daily and weekly contests for real cash on Action Bowling. If you had an account with Virtual Tournaments and your league uploads to League Secretary, it’s time to compete!

We’re excited to join forces with VT. It expands our footprint even further and opens Action Bowling up to more league bowlers throughout the US. Bowlers can win as much in one contest as you can all season long with Rolltech Action Bowling — all from their smartphone. Download Rolltech from the App Store or Google Play, and add Action Bowling to your account in app. Verify your ID, enter your credit card information and deposit funds in 3 easy steps.



Our VT announcement is the start of an epic week here at Rolltech. We’re the title sponsor of this year’s PBA World Championship in Reno, Nevada. Catch the Rolltech PBA World Championship event live on ESPN this Thursday, December 17 at 4 p.m. PST/7 p.m. EST.

Our team will be on site for most of this week’s events leading up to the finale on Thursday. Create a calendar reminder, set your DVRs, write it down on a post-it… you won’t want to miss it!


Congrats to Tackett, Ciminelli, Faulkner Jr., Norton and Page who earned seats at the Rolltech PBA World Championship finals on Thursday!




Rolltech Roundup: New Centers, WSOB & Action Bowling

New Rolltech Partner Centers 


Please welcome Paragould Bowl in Paragould, Arkansas to the family! Featuring a Qubica scoring system, they’re a smaller center with 12 lanes. Paragould has leagues and tournaments for local bowlers and frequently runs customer specials like all you can bowl from 5 p .m. – 9 p.m. for just $7! Follow them on Facebook for updates.

half moon logo with text

Our second newest partner center is Greenacres Bowl in (you guessed it) Greenacres, Florida! With a state-of-the-art Qubica scoring system, this bowling center has 60 lanes available to bowlers. They’ve got a bunch of awesome leagues, a great diner and lounge, pro shop and newly renovated billiards room with flat screen TVs. Check them out on Facebook or Twitter for more info!

World Series of Bowling Started Today

Cheetah pattern starts tomorrow — catch all the action on Xtra Frame through December 15!

XF Schedule after 10 11.indd

Action Bowling Contests Available to PBA Bowlers 

Have you heard of Action Bowling? Rolltech Action Bowling lets league bowlers compete in real cash contests using certified scores. For the first time ever, we’re offering PBA bowlers compete in cash contests during the animal pattern competitions this week! Wanna follow along?! Check out our contests by adding Action Bowling in the Rolltech app!

2. Add Action BowlingIMG_4981

Rolltech’s Week of Thanks

To show our appreciation for bowlers like you, we’re giving away awesome prizes on social media THE WHOLE WEEK! We’re also giving you 40% off yearly memberships now through the end of the month. Purchase a yearly for $29.99 on shop.rolltechbowling.com using the promo code ‘TURKEY’ at checkout.


Here’s how to win cool prizes this week:

INSTA MONDAY: Share a game card on Instagram using the hashtag #RolltechGivesThanks and tag us @rolltechbowling for a chance to win a limited edition Rolltech t-shirt.

TWITTER TUESDAY: Share a game card on Twitter using the hashtag #RolltechGivesThanks and at us using @rolltech for a chance to win a limited edition Rolltech t-shirt.

FACEBOOK WEDNESDAY: Watch out for a Thanksgiving themed post from us and tag a bowling buddy you are thankful for to give you a shot at snagging a limited edition Rolltech t-shirt.

SOCIAL FRIDAY: Enter all three (share a game card on Instagram, share a second game card on Twitter, AND tag a friend on our Facebook post) for a chance to win a Rolltech Prize Pack including a limited edition t-shirt, Storm scented grip bag, bowling towel, and a stress relief pin!

READY?! You have from now through the end of a week to share your finished game results. Happy Sharing!

New Partner Centers: Two Bar Bowl + Pleasant Hill Lanes

Hey bowling lovers! We’re stoked to tell you about our newest partner centers — Two Bar Bowl in Cheyenne, Wyoming and Pleasant Hill Lanes in Wilmington, Delaware!

Two Bar Bowl New Logo

Two Bar Bowl, our first Wyoming center, features the latest Qubica scoring system and 24 lanes. With a cafe serving up delicious food daily and a lounge with pool tables and arcade games, this bowling center is the place to be if you’re in Cheyenne! They have a pro shop on site and more than 20 winter leagues every week. They host tournaments and other awesome events like their upcoming fundraiser tournament to benefit the PFC Michael Deuel Memorial. This is the 12th year for the event which is taking place the first weekend in November. They also offer fun activities like strike pots and bowling bingo for league bowlers. We hear the folks at Two Bar are excited to see how their bowlers stack up against others from different states! Luckily we have a few features that should showcase those results well. 🙂 Check out Two Bar if you’re in the area or follow them on Facebook for more info.


Pleasant Hill Lanes, our first center in Delaware, also features the latest scoring system from Qubica and 24 lanes. With more than 25 fall/winter leagues to choose from, Pleasant Hill has something for everyone. Featuring a snack bar and fully stocked (alcoholic) bar, this center is a great place to hang out with friends and family whether you’re a serious league bowler or casual. Pleasant Hill also hosts fun tournaments for bowlers — their annual Bird Bowl, which takes place on Thanksgiving morning every year, has been running for six years and consists of two rounds of youth/adult squads. They also put on fundraiser tournaments like their Think Pink Project, which was in support of breast cancer awareness month last weekend. Check out their Facebook page for more info on the center and to follow along with upcoming events!

Welcome to the Rolltech Family!

Who wants a NEW Storm LOCK & signed PIN from Rolltech PROS?!


We are running an AWESOME promotion in conjunction with Storm that gives all of our Facebook fans a chance to win a signed pin from our pros AND the latest and greatest ball to be released on October 6 — the Lock! How can you enter to win this great prize, you ask?!

One simple step (also re-emphasized in graphic below): LIKE our contest post on Facebook and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win.

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 6. GOOD LUCK!

GUEST POST: Junior Ambassador Kamron Doyle Tells All

Why do you love bowling?

I love bowling because it’s a sport that you can’t master. You are always learning and adapting to whatever is being thrown at you. Anyone can bowl, big or small, in a wheelchair or not and so on. I love it because it has given me so many opportunities to travel around the world to compete and meet so many great people while doing so. Bowling is something I plan to do until I’m physically not capable anymore.

Why do you love Rolltech?
Rolltech is just awesome, plain and simple. For me, I love to see all of my stats like certain pin conversions, strike and spare percentage and different oil pattern stats. And Rolltech provides that for me. It also makes practicing so much more fun. You can challenge different people head to head on the app and this is something I do every time I practice. All in all, Rolltech is a great thing to have if you want to take your game to the next level.

Who is your favorite pro bowler and why?

My favorite pro bowler is Tommy Jones. I’ve loved watching him from the very first time I saw him on TV when I was about 8 years old. I grew up trying to mimic his game and basically do everything he did. Now that I’m older, I’ve had the chance to become very close with him and even be on Team USA with him. He’s always there to help me and answer any questions I may have on or off the lanes. It’s been really cool to become great friends with someone I’ve looked up to for a long time.

How did you get into bowling?

I got into bowling from a birthday party. I was 7 years old when I went to the party and it’s been nonstop ever since. I had to beg my parents to take me bowling everyday after that. I soon got my own ball, bag and shoes and started competing in leagues. After a few years, I realized bowling was what I wanted to do and that’s when it began to get very serious.

What is something you want people to know about you?

Most people may only know me for who I am on the lanes. And sometimes that gives people a false perception of who I really am. I’ve heard so many things about how people think I’m rude, arrogant, selfish, etc., all based off what they see of me on the lanes. When I’m competing I don’t like to talk to people too much just because I am so focused and want to stay in my own world. So I want people to know that there is another side of me when I’m not bowling. Not just the serious Kamron that most people see. Because trust me, I’m extremely goofy, weird, and outgoing when I can be. That’s the main thing I want people to know about me!

Say Hello to our Newest Partner: STORM!

Hey Rolltech bowlers! We wanted to let you know about an exciting new partnership we just announced with Storm. As one of the world’s leading provider of bowling products, we know this will make your bowling experience with us even better… take a peak at our press release below to get the full scoop! #RolltechRules

Rolltech Logo                storm_logo[outline]

Rolltech and Storm Create Co-Marketing Partnership To Enhance Brand Visibility

LAS VEGAS — Rolltech, the app-based global bowling competition and analytics platform, has announced a co-marketing partnership with Storm Products, Inc., one of the world’s leading providers of top-quality bowling products including balls, shoes, apparel, bags and accessories. The relationship provides strategic visibility for both brands throughout the bowling community.

“We are excited about our partnership with Rolltech. We think they are doing great things for the marketplace and love the idea that we could be the first bowling ball manufacturer with the potential for reaching a new generation of bowlers,” said Gary Hulsenberg, Director of Marketing for Storm Products.

The Storm logo will appear on the active game screen in the Rolltech app on both iOS and Android devices, on Rolltech’s website homepage and in a 30-second commercial featuring Rolltech-affiliated professional bowlers Jason Belmonte, Mike Fagan and Bill O’Neill. In addition, Storm products are now included as redemption prizes in the app that bowlers at Rolltech Auto Score Centers can earn by accruing points for their performance on the lanes.

Rolltech also gains important exposure through featured positions on Storm’s social media platforms and website. “Associations with premier brands like Storm that share our commitment to providing a unique experience for bowlers around the world reflects our commitment to transforming the sport, not only for legacy players but for a new generation,” said Rolltech CEO Rich Belsky.

Rolltech creates connections between bowlers, enabling them to track their games and lifetime stats, analyze their performance, earn performance points and redemptions, and challenge and compete with others worldwide, including Rolltech-affiliated professionals

Rolltech auto-enabled centers have access to a powerful analytics platform and real-time communication tools through the system’s Center Strike Portal. Bowlers can earn points redeemable for prizes in the center that are tracked and reconciled through its POS system. Center operators can view patronage data, send customizable messages, add leagues and tournaments, and view leaderboards and live in-center action.

Rolltech is available for download on the App Store or Google Play. For more information, visit rolltechbowling.com. 

About Rolltech

Headquartered in Downtown Las Vegas, Rolltech is a global competition platform that allows bowlers to track their scores and stats in real-time and foster connection with bowlers around the world. With active users in more than 3,500 bowling centers and 40 countries, Rolltech’s mission is to change the way the world plays, watches, and interacts with the sport of bowling. An exclusive technology partner of the PBA, Rolltech is currently auto-enabled in centers throughout the US. Rolltech auto-enabled centers have access to a powerful analytics platform and real-time communication tools for their bowlers, facilitating a lasting connection between bowler and center. Visit rolltechbowling.com for more information.

About Storm Products, Inc.

High Score Products was originally founded in 1985 by Bill Chrisman to market a new product he had developed. High Score Products remained a one product company until 1991, when availability of capital and time coincided with the opportunity to manufacture bowling balls. The first balls were produced and the process of an appropriate trade name for a HSP bowling ball began. In the summer of 1994 the company name was changed to Storm Products, Inc. Today, Storm Bowling Balls can be found in the hands of many prominent professional and amateur bowlers alike. Storm Products, Inc. has full time representation on the men’s and women’s Professional Bowling Tours. The Storm name still continues to grow throughout the world. 

Fall Leagues, Pro Challenges & New Team Reps

Happy Fall League Season, Folks!

If you’re in a league, you probably agree that it’s one of the most wonderful times of the year. Either way, we’re celebrating by extending our summer pricing through September. Become a Rolltech Pro-er for $2.99/month or $29.99/year and you’ll get access to exclusive member only content like Bowl Against the Pros and video pointers from Rolltech staffers. You’ll also get first dibs on new fall swag items from our store and the chance to show off your bowling skills for awesome prizes in member only contests and promotions. Show us your games this fall using: #RolltechLeagues

Facebook Summer Sale

Junior Ambassadors Join Team Rolltech

Give a warm welcome to our latest and greatest — Junior Ambassadors Kamron Doyle, Greg Young and Wesley Low are now proudly representing Rolltech! Become a pro member (see above paragraph for benefits, cough cough) and follow these guys on Rolltech for access to weekly challenges and exclusive content from the next generation of great bowlers. #RolltechRules

Slack for iOS Upload (3)

New Belmo Challenge This Week!

Are you following the greatest 2 handed bowler on Rolltech?! In order to accept challenges, there’s a couple things that need to happen. First, you have to be a Rolltech Pro member and second, you have to follow Belmo in app. Do it today for a chance to throw down against him in an epic duel later this week. And show us your completed game card on social media to share the results! #BowlThePros

Belmo:Rich Challenge

New Partner Centers in Philly & Illinois

Hi friends! We’ve been busy onboarding new auto-score centers over the last few weeks, and we wanted to introduce you to them…


Located in Quincy, Illinois, Tangerine Bowl is a state-of-the-art bowling facility equipped with 24 lanes, each with a 42″ screen to reflect your score while throwing rocks down the lanes.  They also have huge flat screens throughout the center so you can watch your favorite game while you bowl.  Tangerine is home to Spare Time Sports Bar offering handmade pizzas, house-smoked pulled pork, and a full bar with more than 35 options for craft beers!


Tangerine is the only bowling alley in the area to offer Shadowlight Bowling – a fun, black-lit bowling experience available every Friday and Saturday night. They’ve also got a pool and game room, party room for birthday bashes, and a banquet facility in the lower level. Definitely a bowling center for folks of all ages, so stop by if you’re in the area! Follow them on Facebook!


Opened in July 2006, North Bowl is the ultimate hang-out spot for Philly locals. The completely renovated former mechanics garage is now a 21,000-square-foot nightlife haven. From the retro benches from bowling alleys of the 50’s to the sculptural bar and glass enclosed pod that overlooks the lanes from the lounge, North Bowl is a place that is truly unique to Philadelphia. Here, it’s not just about bowling, it’s about the atmosphere and the overall experience, and we’re stoked to be able to add to that experience. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

North Bowl 1     North Bowl 2


This completely renovated former cold-storage warehouse now houses 26 state of the art QubicaAMF bowling lanes. The uniquely designed, bi-level structure also includes two private bowling areas, two full size bars, a full menu including a wood oven pizza kitchen, billiards, darts, retro arcade games, and cool vintage seating. Besides the four bowling lanes, the mezzanine level holds its own bar and balcony, while an outdoor roof deck offers visitors another spot to make a toast and view Philadelphia’s skyline. A stage can be found on the main floor, already booked with a solid line-up of local talent, and further enhanced by the integrative AV system. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

South Bowl 2    South Bowl 1